12 Mar 2011

Yum Yum Cupcakes...

I am more of a 'muffin' girl but have slowly started getting into the cupcake craze.If only the icing wasn't such a sugar bomb then I’d be completely sold. The prices are another off-putting factor (£2.50 upwards for a single cupcake). But I guess the prettiness of the cakes and the packaging makes it worth it. I’m a sucker forall things beautiful…

So which are my favourites?

First and foremost: Buttercup Cake Shop
They opened a stand earlier this year at Westfield shopping centre with super friendly staff and out of this world cup cake flavours. My top choices however are safe (remember I am new to this world) banana, carrot, mocha and vanilla with strawberry curls.
Textures are very fluffy and moist and the buttercream icing is hella-rich. The first bite was heaven indeed. Flavours are not available everyday of the week but I am sure you would find something that tickles your fancy.

For a budget-conscious choice without compromising on quality, Marks and Spencers Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcakes are also a hit.

On my to-try-out list is the newly opened Cox Cookies and Cake in Soho, owned by shoe designer Patrick Cox and French patissier Eric Lanlard. Next on my list isHummingbird Bakery which has been going strong since 2004 and is looking to open their fourth shop in the near future. 

You go guys!

kiss kiss luscious lips @ cox cookies and cake

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