14 Mar 2011

2010 has come and gone

Around this time last year, Sarah Jessica Parker aka SJP, alias Carrie Bradshaw, was appointed President and Chief Creative Officer of Halston. This might have been an attempt to get some shine on the label as it had fallen on tough times. Previous to this appointment, a new collection was launched. It was named Halston Heritage and was based on the original Halston designs, well-known for its disco feel. Hearing the word disco, sequins and lame come to mind. And at Halston, that’s what you get, but with a very sophisticated and glamorous touch. So I guess it makes sense to have SJP on board.

  • SJP @ the Met Gala 2010

  • Roy Halston and models in his designs in the early 70s

  • Todays Halston Heritage Spring/Summer 2011
However, would it not have been more realistic to have the extraordinary Patricia Field fill that role? Isn’t she to thank for THE looks Carrie Bradshaw and the other SATC cast wore-both great and sometimes (but rarely) not so great. But fashion isn’t always realistic and business or publicity plans sometimes take over what really matters, which is giving praise to whom it’s due. At least Fabolous acknowledged that: “they should arrest you, or whoever dressed you”.

I wish SJP all the best in her role especially as her humility must be appreciated when she said she had no real background in fashion. She does bring some popularity to the brand because of who she is and what she has achieved as an actress. So hats off, she rocks!

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