13 Mar 2011

OMG!! I ate Marilyn...

Tried and tasted

Here's my little review on 2 cupcake houses. I decided to go for Cox Cookies and Cake and Lolas Cupcakes. As a loving person, I shared the cupcakes, but also because I wanted to get different opinions.

First and foremost Lolas cupcakes situated in the beautiful London Selfridgesdepartment store.

Staff I thought weren't very helpful. On asking what was available we were given names of cakes instead of what they were actually about. Mmmmh. I settled fororeo cookies and red velvet. A friend described red velvet as an orgasm in his mouth. I guess that's a good thing?

Oreo cookies was not a banger. Simple.

However both sponges were super fluffy and soft and the icings literally melted in your mouth.

Then we took a walk down to Soho to the newly opened Cox Cookies and Cake. The guys there were lovely, cheeky, but lovely!! They recommended I try theBlack Skull Cake (as I love chocolate) and Pop Cake (which had a white chocolate Warhol Marilyn on top)and I must say they were absolutely amazing.Winning point for me was that they were filled with fruit compote so it was like adonut and cupcake in one-how wonderful. But I guess that would explain why each of them cost 4 quid. Don't think I shall be having those anytime soon lads.

Location was a bit seedy in the midst of porn shops et al. Also, the surroundings weren't that hygienic so maybe it needs a little bit of work. I do eat with my eyes as well so presentation and situation is very important.

My 2 favs from Cox Cookies and Cake


Lolas Cupcake Cakes. So much food colouring it makes me wheezy!

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