14 Mar 2011

O! The Joy of Crocs

Former US President G.W Bush is just a fashion icon for... I don't even know who sees him as a fashion icon. I am truly speechless.
Crocs must be one of the most unsightly designs to ever hit the streets since 2002. And that's me putting it nicely. O! The joy of Euphemisms! Crocs should have remained as their sole purpose (excuse the pun): spa footwear. According to Maxim, Crocs are one of the worst things to happen to men in 2007. Well, they should have brought out that statistic a few years earlier, then it might have saved us all the eye sores.


But G.W Bush' bigger faux pas has to be the socks. Why for crying out loud? If socks are a necessity with shoes then ankle socks are a wiser and more easy-on-the-eye option. 

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