14 Mar 2011


Are designer bags still luxury items or one of those things that every Tom Dick and Harry can own? can everyone carry them off with little effort? Even if they do not have an inkling of fashion, a bank account and lifestyle to match? Currently, it matters no more. As long as passers by are aware it is a brand name, then all things are good in the world. In particular Florida State. Along with state of the art plastic surgery (in all places possible), the Louis Vuitton OR Chanel bag follows. Yes there are others like Prada, Miu Miu and Salvatore, but these are not as obvious as the first two mentioned.

The latest craze are the personalised LV totes. Quite a nice touch if your desire is to stick out from everyone else. Though a true and unique non-follower of trends who is into having a one of a kind bag should take some advice. SUPPORT local businesses and up-and-coming entrepreneurs.
How you might ask? Visit a nearest vintage or charity shop. Take a trip to flea/weekend/pop up stalls at markets. Like the one on lincoln road every weekend for instance. 
You are sure to be the only one rocking those leather goods. Moreover, it can be easy on your wallet too. 

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