30 Apr 2011

Live Life to the Max(i)

Prints on silk and block colours on wool. There is something for every shape and style when it comes to the maxi dress. For those days when you are feeling bloated, for lack of a euphemism, or feeling absolutely lazy and cannot think of a pair of bottoms to go with your favourite top, the maxi dress is a blessing in disguise. Now designers have been carried away with their takes on the maxi, as seen in "The Exhibitionist", but here are a few selections that would float everyone's boat. 

24 Apr 2011

Swimwear Junkie

Do Blondes have More Fun?

Britt Maren has changed her look a number of times and may it be noted, we are not talking plastic surgery. Not to our knowledge that is. And although hair dyeing is not always a healthy option, presumably, it is the lesser evil compared to other interventions. From short to long, brunette to platinum blonde, Britt shows how a mood and an entire look can change with a pair of scissors and a likkle dye. It might need a slight wardrobe update as colouring and style would change but there's no need to go too drastic, or get rid of old stuff. Because with most changes, you might decide to go back to the former look in the future.

23 Apr 2011

MANGO S/S 2011

One of Mango's Spring/Summer 2011 looks is called Utilised Chic. They hit the nail on the head with that. One thing many a few are glad about when it comes to their current collections is that they have fled from their overly floral patterns. Staple pieces especially mandarin collar shirts are a must have from their SS/11 and if you are tired of the bright colours as blogged about in a previous post, then take a pick from their wide range of nude pieces-skirts, maxi dresses, blouses and even loose cable knit sweaters which could be teamed with brights. Here's just a teaser of the collection. For more check out www.mango.com 

22 Apr 2011

Illustrator of the Week: Mary Blair

American artist Mary Blair did illustrations for cartoons that we grew up with. You might remember Peter Pan  or Cinderella? Well Mary Blair is to thank for these animations. Below is some artwork used on dairy products by the company Meadow Gold in the 50's and appeared even until the 80's. 

18 Apr 2011

Coachella 2011

As fashion week is over, a bit of peace has settled in for a few more weeks. The fashion eyes have now been diverted to the annual music and arts festival Coachella, which took place over the weekend. So where do we start? First off, Dita von Teese shows that a woman does not have to be a Monalisa to look good. The key is to know what works for your body shape and colouring and the rest is history. Ladies take note! 
Retro style: Dita Von Teese looked sweet in an orange and white printed dress and espadrille wedges teamed with a sailor hat

What is She Wearing?

You might have seen Lady Gaga more than once in some very gravity defying footwear. Probably made more obvious through photos of her numerous falls, scabby knees as a result of her falls and a body guard holding her hands so she doesn't do herself even more damage. Who is behind these ludicrous 9 inch platforms? Japanese designer Noritaka Tatehana. According to an interview with MTV Style, he got his inspiration from a popular Japanese children's game. Kids made clogs out of empty cans. They tied strings through holes made in cans and attempted walking while holding these strings in their hands. Prices for Tatehana's platforms start from $2,000.

Leathery Loewe

Loewe Fall 2011 RTW was all about leather, leather and more leather with some fur, hide, print and embellishment thrown in from time to time. A favourite has to be the olive-toned close-fitting sheath dress. The neck-line is an exaggerated boat neck Jacqueline Kennedy's naughty alter ego might consider this leather option. 
Loewe Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Tom Ford New Beauty Range

Tom Ford's new bath range launched end of March exclusively at Selfridges as an extension of the already available Private Blend Perfume going by the same name. The range now has a body oil-for those men out there who like to look extra smooth-moisturiser, shower gel and soap. According to reviews it is "an enticing mix of vibrant citrus oils, floral notes and amber undertones...inspired by the Italian Riviera". Prices start from £25 for the bar soap to £270 for 250ml Perfume. With such prices, maybe showering will be as much fun as these two are having? 

12 Apr 2011

Millinery Art

Marie Mercie has been making hats since 1987 and come 2011, her designs are still showcased in many fashion editorials. There must be something behind this. Might be the fact that her hats have a quirky feel to them without being tacky. Like the mickey mouse or pussy cat ears. Both young and old can carry them off effortlessly.

Hats are on the mind today. I love this leopard print mickey mouse inspired topper.

11 Apr 2011

In Love with Mulberry Adverts and Red Hair

Accessories @ Louis Vuitton Fall 2011

Over-sized clutch bags, leather totes with the classic LV logo in velvet finish and the air force hats covered in wool and an eye mask tied around it. As much as the complete show had a somewhat serious army feel, Marc Jacobs provided for some feminity and playfulness he's know for. 

Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear


These are old news now but I stumbled over the photos and thought to share. From Prada's Fall 2010 collection, they are so OTT they rock!

Prada Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
Prada Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Alexander Wang Fall 2011

Alexander Wang's Fall 2011 show was generally a dark palette with a bit of peach, rich blues and greys thrown in. What was most striking, however were the accessories. Metallic loafer-like heels and clutch bags with a metal holder than snaked up the hands of models leather and mink-clad models. 
Alexander Wang Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

As women we need our secrets...

A wise woman once told me that there should always be a sense of suspense/secrecy/unknown about a woman. And this she said, spanned over many aspects like knowledge, beauty, grooming, whereabouts, career, finances and much more. I doubt she meant women should hide things from their other half. Well maybe she did. Because, in some instances, it serves for a happier relationship but also some form of awe. 
Many ladies would agree that the look on a man’s face on seeing you all "dolled up" (as they like to call it) or when you've cooked something extremely tasty for the first time, is absolutely priceless. This look of absolute fascination also appears when his partner says something he wasn't expecting-be it about politics, economics, art or yes-football (there I said it). Or when he observes your career achievements for example and how you have managed that without revealing too much to him. "How did she do all that?" he asks. 
So why then, do some women feel so open and willing to share? For those poor citizens forced to use public transport from time to time, you must have noticed this particular phenomenon-women putting on their make-up. Why in heavens name would anyone do that? Share such moments with anyone else but your mirror image? These infamous ladies actually start their make-up process from the core-applying face crème or primer. I tell not a lie. This is where the entertaining part comes in for me: What kind of woman is she? 

My Girl wants to...

Party All the Time at the Launderette. Ever heard of that before? These days it's all about catching peoples attention with witty ideas. This one is sure to catch yours. The band Real Fur shall be playing gigs in Launderettes across the UK as from May and events are said to include live DJing too. Whether this idea is original, we don't know. It sure is spectacular. Wonder whether the usual launderette suspects might be at these parties? They might just be thinking open longer!
  For more information check out http://safarifunk.org/

6 Apr 2011

A Relief for the Feet...

There are days when a pair of heels are just not what a lady wants. Although we sometimes wish to be Victoria B., walking all day everyday in 7 inch heels, really, it's not very healthy for the feet and spine in the long run. Therefore, we seek alternatives. As summer is round the corner, there shall be a lot more walking taking place, either to have a martini or for a walk in the park. For these reasons, a pair of ballerinas are just what the Doctor ordered. Here are a few newbies that make those pair of jeans or leggings worn with a baggy top or silk blouse look absolutely effortless. 

YSL Love Ballerinas have a heart shape cut-out at the toe and come in so many colours, we cannot keep count.

Tod's Spring 2011 Collection features some bright velvet flats below

Welcome to Florence...

Ferragamo’s Creations are a limited edition re-make of designs from the archives of the famous shoe designer dating back as far as 1938. Like the “Rainbow” platforms said to be worn by Judy Garland for instance. 

The original shoes are currently displayed in the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum in Florence but you can purchase the re-makes at www.thecorner.com with prices starting from £390 for the black velvet flats with gold embroidered detail. 

3 Apr 2011

Artist Spotlight: Sofia Boutella

Hearing Michael Jacksons "Hollywood Tonight" single on radio, I was not very carried away. On watching the video however, I was totally drawn to the song. The lead dancer in the video was more than amazing. She danced so effortlessly and showcased some of MJ's iconic moves without looking too gimmicky. She goes by the name Sofia Boutella and is not only a dancer but choreographer who has been featured in many of Nike Women's adverts as well as danced with the likes of Madonna and Usher. No wonder as she does have the moves both in videos and photographs. 
Nike Womens Ad Campaign