15 Mar 2011

"Unknown" the Movie

I'm going to see "Unknown" today and shall give a short review about it too. I really love Diane Kruger, even though she did away with her German-ness as far as her name goes. I assume that it is how the industry is or maybe she just was never happy in her own skin. Sometimes I wonder whether she could have been more successful in Hollywood if she had kept Heidkr├╝ger as opposed to the change to Kruger. There are so many talented and successful actors out there with non-English names for instance Chiwetel Ejiofor, Djimon Hounsou Audrey Tautou and last but not least Alexander Skargard of True Blood. I'm a sucker for True Blood, excuse the pun. 
But as the saying goes, each to their own. She is extremely talented and multi-faceted in her own right and I am looking forward to seeing a fellow German in a Hollywood Blockbuster!
Here are some pictures from the Premiere in Los Angeles. January Jones hair and make-up is very striking. So is the dress but it would have looked sexier if the hemline was above the knee. 
What are your thoughts?
PS: Does anyone else wonder why K Kardashian was present? Message to young kids: being talentless does have its perks.

January Jones

Diane Kruger

Liam Neeson

We know who this is

And to round it all off Robert Downey Junior and Wife Susan

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