25 Aug 2012

Would You...

...Wear a Black Dress at Your Wedding?

She made being a baddie cool!

Charlize Theron...great actress

Male Hottie of the Week

Joseph Manganiello, otherwise known as Alcide in True Blood or Big Dick Richie (were they for real) in Magic Mike. Enjoy...
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16 Aug 2012

Drapes and Nature

Helmut Lang's Pre Fall Collection this year is to die for. Drapes and layers upon layers that accentuate rather than hide the woman or worse make her look bigger than she really is are everywhere. The couples staple leather jackets are included in black, but army greens are included. Intricately designed shirts that remind of cobwebs make an appearance. This is no surprise as their inspiration was nature. For a more pocket friendly option, check out high street brands like Zara.
Bring on the Fall!

Helmut Lang