14 Mar 2011

Are You My Wonder Woman?

Everyone is talking about Wonder Woman these days. Chris Brown, Trey Songz and the list goes on. Now it's the Cosmetic Houses turn.

  • M.A.C Wonder Woman Campaign Spring 2011
M.A.C  are taking no prisoners what so ever when it comes to plugging their new limited edition range. The launch was a few weeks ago but I have never received this many newsletters from them regarding a particular edition. This week, they have come up with online exclusives-totes  and shirts depicting Wonder Woman in her element, in addition to the initial make-up bags that were part of the initial launch. What I noticed while at the M.A.C Carnaby Street Store is they push their current event products first before their standard products. I assume there must be some commission tactic going on there.

  • Wonder Woman Online Exclusive
  • Wonder Woman Campaign featuring "Mineralize Skin Finish"
  • L-R: Heroine, Marquise d', Russian Red and Spitfire
A few did tickle my fancy. My absolute favourite would be Marquise d’ lipstick, a sandy cream peach. In other words a fancier nude lippy that would go extremely well with my Richer, Lusher lipgloss. The Spitfire lipstick, which my girlfriend bought was also great. It looked amazing on her.  It has a deep purple base (bright creamy magenta according to M.A.C) but the MUA suggested using a pink liner if a pinkish tone was preferred. Great tip I’d say.

  • Model sporting Marquise d' Lipstick (image source:BulletMag)
Now I think it’s fair to mention that some of these are not new colours. Just re-releases or current colours that have simply been repackaged in the Wonder Woman theme. Examples are Russian Red (absolute winner) and the previously mentioned Marquise d’ (from the Blonde Brunette Red 2008 Collection).

  • M.A.C Blonde Brunette Red 2008 Collection 
So head down to your nearest M.A.C store and get to testing. You just might find something you like.
Visit http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/ for the full collection 

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