14 Mar 2011

Hereafter-The Movie

Strangely enough friends and I were contemplating about this very issue. What does happen to us when we die? Making my anticipation to see this movie reach newer heights. I tell a lie. Though the title suggested a great deal about the movie theme, I didn't know what to expect. How many times have you gone to see a movie to find the title had nothing to do with the film? These days, going into cinemas with no clue is the way forward. You come out amazed because expectations were low to non-existent in the first place.

Advert for Hereafter the Movie

Hereafter, directed by the legendary Clint Eastwood goes much deeper than the question of what happens after death. Not that life after death isn't a deep enough topic, but Hereafter goes on to illustrate many other issues. For instance, how those left behind cope with the grief of loosing a loved one or how people who had near death experiences see the essence of life differently. Another interesting illustration was the presence of preying con artists, exploiting the emptiness felt by grieved ones and also their desperation to get in touch with lost friends or family.
Set in the midst of current disasters like the Tsunami and bombings in London, Hereafter was able to connect people from all walks of life. Because no matter where we were when these tragic incidents occurred, in some way or the other we were affected. Somewhat like the Butterfly or Domino effect. 

Photograph taken after the Tsunami in 2004

Photograph taken after the London bombing in 2005

To sum it up, Hereafter would get a thumbs up for the above reasons but especially because it seems like it was meant to help any one who lost someone be it through terminal illness, accidents, lifestyle or disasters to find closure.

I am thankful for those who shared their thoughts and feelings on these issues with me. I know it was not the easiest of things. 

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