6 Oct 2012

I spy with my little eye

...a bronze Falabella bag by Stella McCartney

28 Sep 2012

25 Aug 2012

Would You...

...Wear a Black Dress at Your Wedding?

She made being a baddie cool!

Charlize Theron...great actress

Male Hottie of the Week

Joseph Manganiello, otherwise known as Alcide in True Blood or Big Dick Richie (were they for real) in Magic Mike. Enjoy...
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16 Aug 2012

Drapes and Nature

Helmut Lang's Pre Fall Collection this year is to die for. Drapes and layers upon layers that accentuate rather than hide the woman or worse make her look bigger than she really is are everywhere. The couples staple leather jackets are included in black, but army greens are included. Intricately designed shirts that remind of cobwebs make an appearance. This is no surprise as their inspiration was nature. For a more pocket friendly option, check out high street brands like Zara.
Bring on the Fall!

Helmut Lang

31 Jul 2012

Different Days, Different Ways...

but the '31 Hour' Bag stays the same. You gotta love this description of 3.1 Phillip Lims '31 Hour' bag. It even has its very own video which features the other bags and clutches from the current collection. The leather is absolutely soft and it's just the right size for everyday use without looking like a suitcase. 
ps: it works out to be a very unisex accessory

We really do Heart this! 

16 Jul 2012


Would you wear these Isabel Marant wedge sneakers or are heels best kept elegant and feminine ?

10 Jun 2012


Fashionable Kids thanks to Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney recently opened her second store in London right in the middle of Chelsea. The shop also stocks a limited selection from the Kids Line and we must say the prices are rather reasonable considering the name behind it. Fabrics are soft and the styles are easy and free without compromising on style. Just what active yet fashion forward kids of today need. 

Our two favorite items from her collection are the military style waist coat for boys and the beautiful cream lace shift dress. Absolutely divine for a summer tea party. Do they come in adult sizes? 

Computer Love

Nowadays, the internet is where all the action happens. Your daily dose of juicy gossip, live news feeds from the other end of the world, grocery shopping or holiday bookings. These and much more can be done within minutes. It all is just a click, tap or scroll away. So should it come as surprise that relationships are dealt with in the same manner?

Alice Dellal for Chanel

21 May 2012

Celine Trapeze Bag

We featured the Trapeze bag by Celine as one of the 10 Bags to look out for in 2012 way back in November. And because we love this bag so much, we might as well give it one more run...

18 Apr 2012

Sweden's Culture Minister in Race Row

Sweden's Minister for Culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth had a cake at her birthday in the shape of a woman of colour.

18 Mar 2012

Is Vogue Italia Racist?

Hot or Haute Mess?

Here we go again. Vogue Italia's attempt to promote diversity has yet again come back to haunt them. Last time it was a post on their blog about "Slave Earrings" when they referred to hoop earrings. An apology and change of article to "ethnic earrings" soon followed after a huge furore. Now, Vogue Italia is under fire for an editorial in its current issue titled "Haute Mess" and shot by the usual suspect Steven Meisel.

Funny Photo of the Day

Who sanctioned this photo? Looks like she number 2'd out the title.

Drake n Rihanna an Item?


No just in the video for now...Again. Yawn.

Anyway ThisIsRnB revealed a sneak peek of what to expect from Drake's video for Take Care which features lil Miss Rihanna. Are these two going to get married soon or what?

Tweet & Lil Mo Are Back!

Beautiful message in the song. You have to love you before you can love anyone else. Sing on ladies!

Prada Up In Flames...

Prada Spring Summer Ad Campaign

Lil Kim's Make Up Artist should be fired...

...except this is a new look but I think she's a few years late on that one. Whatever it is Lil Kim,we do not think this is a good look for you.
What do you say?

Lara Stone for Calvin Klein looking browlessly fierce

7 Mar 2012

Kim Kardashian's Huge Blunder

Kim's faux pas

Kim Kardashian, Kim K or whatever the female Puff Daddy calls herself these days should go and do something worthwhile with her time and maybe take some French lessons. But if she wants to keep it simple, use languages she is well versed in.

J'adore means I love, so "I j'adore..." as Kim tweeted earlier on today is one letter 'I' too many. Or maybe it was intentional? Double "I" to emphasise the obsession she has with herself?

6 Mar 2012

You make me feel like dancing

Repetto have some beautiful, comfortable and long lasting shoes! Not just for dancing and worth every penny.

Louboutin encourages the Size Conscious Woman

Are these made to measure? 

3 Mar 2012

Male Hottie of The Week

Javier Bardem...What do you think?

What Do We Expect From Relationships?

Have the standards for finding a life long partner fallen over the years? We are bombarded everyday with songs and movies that rotate around the theme of buying a woman everything she wants as a sign of a man's love for them. Is this how easy it is to please a woman, have they simply become materialistic, or did men not get the memo: Genuine love is more than material things. 

4 Feb 2012

Marni for H&M

Behold the New Age Celebs

Everyone wants to be a celebrity. Even celebrities want to be celebrities. The last sentence would only make sense to those who know about the celebrity listing. A-listers are the likes of Beyonce and Daniel Craig while Z-listers are the likes of the man who coined the term REEM. I mean really, what has the English entertainment industry turned into.

19 Jan 2012

Golden Globes Best and Worst 2012

It was a hard choice as most guests looked absolutely incredible. Elaborate detailing on fishtail gowns, jewel colours and $5million worth of jewellery worn by Sofia Vergara. 
Here are a few of our top and bottom picks. What do you think?

 L-R Claire Danes in J Mendel; Jessica Alba in Gucci; Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang and 
Paula Patton in Monique Lhuillier

L-R: Emma Stone, Mina Kunis, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Idris Elba

We expected more or in Sarah's case, less from the above. What's with the studded footwear Idris? Isn't that a bit late? 

18 Jan 2012

Female Hottie of the Week...Devon Aoki

Leave Lana Alone

What's all the fuss about Lana Del Rey's performance on Saturday Night Live and it being horrendous? She smashed it. Just because it did not sound exactly like the studio recording does not mean it was short of a good rendition of both her songs "Blue Jeans" and "Video Games". Viewers can never be satisfied. They get upset when artists lip sync and also when they change a song up a bit. Fair enough you love listening to a song over and over again but artists have to sing these songs a million times more. So please give them a chance to make their job more exciting by switching things up a little.

For those with a sound knowledge of music and who listen to performers other than Rihanna and Justin Bieber (no offence), Lana Del Rey's performance would not come as much of a shock. She was never off key as critics claimed rather she displayed her vocal abilities to the fullest. So shut up and listen!

On that note, we look forward to many more performances and most importantly her album release on 31st January.

Watch out For...

Taii Gordon

fresh faced and simply gorgeous!