21 Dec 2011

A whole lotta Leather

7. Bracelet by Kenneth Jay Lane

Beats by Dre Launches new Jewellery Line

Is it a bird or a plane? Is it a necklace or a headphone? Maybe a neck warmer even? From the pictures below it is rather hard to tell. And trust me when I say this, but celebs are not alone on this trend. Everyday people do it too. Statistics show that these headphones spend more time round owners' necks than being used for what they were meant for. Which, I kid you not, happens to be listening to music. It surely isn't the most discrete of headphones. My point is, we can all see you possess a Beats by Dre item, even when it isn't on your neck so please do the right thing people. Or better still get yourselves a rucksack, man purse or something to put that thing in when not in use. 

Are Babies being Baby-ed Too Much?

We stumbled upon this by chance, the Tummy Tub Baby Bath. A design originating from the Netherlands, this tub is meant to make bathing babies easier as it causes them to take on the foetal position they are accustomed to. Along with some other advantages like being ergonomic and so on, it makes child bathing easier. A similar concept of re-creating some of the environment in the womb, are sound therapy CD's, which mimic heart beat to soothe cranky babies.

The question is, should babies not begin to get accustomed to the world as it is, rather than be attached to pre-birth conditions?

Karl Lagerfeld's Mini-Me's

The French department store Printemps went all out for their Christmas window this year depicting ballerinas and airport staff marionettes. Karl himself made an appearance for the unveiling along with Chanel's muse Vanessa Paradis. For those that want to have Karl within their reach, his marionettes would have to suffice.
Look up videos of the unveiling and more pictures here.
Karl Lagerfeld's alter egos take over Paris

20 Dec 2011

Male Hottie of the Day...

One of the five members of the British boy band "The Wanted" Siva Kaneswaran 

Female Hottie of the Day

Dominican-American Actress Dania Ramirez

As featured in Maxim

Desperate Scousewives

Is the new show on British TV set to take viewers by storm. Literally. What to expect? Big blonde hair-extensions are a must, glittery skimpy dresses-some of Francesca's designs are fab, and meaningless conversations. We would like to think that all this is just for show and none of it depicts reality, however it is a "dramality". And yes this word actually exists. 
So if you watch the Kim K's, Joey's and Hugo's of this world, Desperate Scousewives is right up your street. 

Kim Jong-Il passes due to a heart attack...

North Korea's Kim Jong-Il, the world's only communist leader died of a heart attack. His 20 year-old son is due to be his successor. What awaits North Koreans in the future?