12 Mar 2011

Alas! The Full Skirt has Returned...

Think late 40s, early 50s, Madmen, Stepford Wives etc. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Paul Smith and Marc Jacobs (who was the forerunner) featured the full skirt and dress during their AW 10/11 collections.
Sophisticated chic!

The new age grown-up woman.Whatever your preference they come in all shapes, lengths or colours, patterned or block and even military style for those who want to embrace all of this seasons trends. Silky textures for the evening and maybe some tartan or camel during the day? And for those dating ladies out there, maybe even go for leather like those from Zara.

Styling Tip: EMPHASISE YOUR WAIST! Which means tight-fitting tops or even corsets.
The great thing about this style is that it suits almost every bodyshape. So for those with a bigger bust, go for v-necklines while those on the smaller side can opt for round or boat necks. But I don’t set the rules so whatever looks fab and you feel comfortable in, go ahead.

HOURGLASS figures here we come. But not to worry, you can have the look without having to share the same amount of enthusiasm for housework, as did the ladies in “The Stepford Wives”.

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