31 Aug 2011

Nail Art

We had a previous post on nail art done by the amazing Sophy Robson a while ago. 3D designs and otherworldly illustrations on nails seem to be taking the UK by storm, with nail bars like WAH Nails in East London having their very own spot in TOPSHOP. So it comes as no surprise that an exhibition will be held throughout the entire month of September at the Degreeart.com Executive Rooms in East London.
London's first nail art exhibition © Nailphilia

30 Aug 2011


The other day we had a post on Fendi's cuffed shearling ankle boots. Now they are hitting the streets on the feet of The Saturdays Rochelle. 

Our Verdict: Teamed with the spiky jeans shorts, silver and grey knit top and Chanel Flap Bag 

What Were They Thinking?

Nicki Minaj @ the VMA

26 Aug 2011

Join The Craze...

Mo Hits have released another banger. This time in the title of Oliver Twist by none other but D'Banj. I guess he's trying to say that men always want more. As there are so many options and specs of women, who would not want more? A satisfied man of good virtue would not! All the same, it is a catchy tune and the video inciting a dance competition is entertaining. 

23 Aug 2011

Back 2 Basics...

Riri has returned to a more neutral and natural colour. HOT or NOT?

Rihanna @ the V Festival

Lance Gross Bares All...

...Well just his top half that is. The background isn't the most appealing but we can work with that right?

22 Aug 2011

What A Beauty...

Mercedes New Super Sports car. Initially, I was not moved by this but on taking a closer look and reading up what it is all about it became obvious that this really is a super car. Take a peek at Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster 2012...

9 Aug 2011

More of This Please...

It is great to see that Rihanna can actually look nice dressed up for once. Hear Hear! The September Issue of Glamour so teh Starlet looking very lady like and glamorous all at once.

Catwalk or Boardwalk?

On the Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 RTW Runway 

Now These Are What We Call...

...Ankle Boots. Fendi got it right with this one on all levels. Cuff detail, shearling flap and taupe suede finishing. We want them! The logo on the front platform do make a statement. Anyone messes with you, they get the boot along with a Fendi print as a reminder. Seeing that we do not condone violence, as an added detail, this gold Fendi logo and the entire bootie gets a thumbs up.

London Riots

Terrifying ordeal: A woman can be seen jumping from a burning building in Surrey Street, Croydon, while fires rage around her

People are loosing their property and belongings. Their livelihoods are destroyed. 
Where has "love thy neighbour" been left? What happened to conscience, self-respect and respect for others. Events of the past few days make it more than obvious that there exists only a thin line between civilised and savage behaviour. 
This madness should cease.

8 Aug 2011

R.I.P Sam Loco Efe

We were just watching a movie of his a few days ago. What a shame as he was a great addition to Nollywood, especially in the comedy genre. You shall be missed. For more details click here.

We Are Handsome and Beautiful

Some must have seen the likes of Rihanna and Diane Kruger rocking the Roaring Panther Swimsuit by the Australian duo Jeremy and Indhra, the brains behind the brand We Are Handsome. Everything is Made In Australia from the initial designs down to the finish product. Prices start from £125 for a two-piece bikini and surely, you are guaranteed to be the eye catching delight wherever you decide to wear these. PS: there's something for the guys too. Matching outfits maybe? 
Check out the full collection here and shop in the UK at Net-A-Porter 

1 Aug 2011


Tutti Frutti

This Stella fruit print was an absolute breath of fresh air this year. So popular that many highstreet brands went on to copy the style. A bold move to say the least, what with all the large citrus fruits and her straying away from her usual cleans lines and block colours. We hope to see more of this.