21 Feb 2014

Mirror, Mirror, who is the fairest of them all?

There is this constant desire that humans are plagued with. The desire to be something we are not. A desire born either out of envy or awe for something or someone. For instance, whilst a group of individuals may crave for tans, the other might wish to be a few shades lighter. Today we will delve into the wish for the latter.

In many parts of the world, men and women subject themselves through the process of skin lightening. According to webmd.com, “skin lightening is a cosmetic treatment to reduce the prominence of skin discolorations and even out the color of the skin”.

20 Feb 2014

FENDI AW14 Livestream from Milan

Surely the most fashionable drone ever made

We bring good tidings to all ye fashion lovers not in possession of a coveted invitation to the FENDI AW14 show in Milan. Rather than wait till the shows are available to watch hours, sometimes just minutes, after the actual show, viewers can livestream the show wherever they are. Yes we fashionistas are a rather impatient bunch.

19 Feb 2014

Is it a crisp packet or a metallic clutch?

Anya Hindmarch goes into 2014 with another fun take on her designs

Model of the Week

Iris for Uterqüe

Austrian model Iris Strubegger makes it to the top this week. From numerous Givenchy campaigns to two German Vogue covers she always give us something new. In 2011 she shot with Karl Lagerfeld (who took her under his wing) for the Pirelli calendar as well as for campaigns for his eponymous brand. 

Topshop Unique

Deep Blue Sea at the Topshop Unique London Fashion Week AW14 show

O na na, what's my name?

Are parents limiting their children by the choices they make? It all starts with a simple thing like the choice of first names. Although many parents would object to this fact saying that finding the perfect name for their child is demanding and anything but simple.Does the name suit the family name and is there a meaning behind it? Should it be based on a historic individual or whoever is trendy at the moment? Will the child like and grow into the name? Is it easy to pronounce and most importantly would it shape the child in a positive way.