14 Mar 2011

Michelle Obama made a wrong choice?

Doesn't M.obama look stunning in this outfit? At least that's what is asked on first glance. Admittedly, it sounds somewhat superficial. So the next question is who was behind this design? Alas! It turns out to be by the fashion house Alexander. And herein lies the end for most people. 

However, certain few are arguing about a completely separate issue. Which is, why had the First Lady decided to wear a British design (for once in an array of public appearances) instead of American? 

Without sounding ignorant, fashion should go beyond politics, religion or social standing. It has become a state of mind. Individuals wear clothing just as a necessity. Others see it as a form of self-expression. Why should the choice of garments be based on the nationality of the fashion house? Are the next criteria going to be sexual orientation, sex, age, religion or race? 

Understandably, considering it was a state dinner hosting the likes of the #President of China, one would expect that "home-made" should have been the choice. Represent your own. Should we recall however, that on several other occasions, the First Lady wore American designs? Sometimes, (the Presidents inaugural comes to mind here), even launching certain careers.

So let's not give her choice more meaning than wearer herself might have given and just appreciate the fact that she is open to different things and not a snob, who believes only designers from the United States of America are worthy to dress her. But most importantly, that she carries it off well and looks immaculate as usual.

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