12 Mar 2011

Tried and Tested...

I hereby launch the first of many more “Tried-and-Tested” posts. This week shall be about (drum roooollllll): Elemis
First off, their Papaya Enzyme Peel for a smooth brightened and clear complexion.

Few points:


This product involves exfoliation using natural fruit enzymes (for those prone to allergic reactions like me this is super). Apply a thin film to face in circular movements (enhances enzyme activity)

Gets rid of dead skin cells and promotes cell renewal, so ‘au revoir’ to all those scars,
skin discolorations and age spots

There are no granules in this cream so your skin is safe from scarring.

Other fancy ingredients like Milk Protein and Marine algae are supposed tomoisturise, repair and protect the skin

No artificial perfume-so all that smell is natural goodness


Needs to be kept on for 10-15 minutes, so ladies 10 minutes less sleep for you. Looking fly sure ain’t easy!

Rather pricey £28 for a 50ml tube but you only need a pea-size amount, applied every second day

Overall Verdict:

I really loved this product and the results were seen after the second use especially as I received compliments on how my skin was glowing! O how happy I was.
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