31 Mar 2011

Did You Know...

...that pulling your hair back too tightly in a ponytail or braiding can lead to traction alopecia because the tension stresses the hair follicle? There's also a possibility of permanent hair loss. - Dr. Frederic Brandt
I tend to opt for the sleeker ponytail like the top two styles. If you are as ponytail obsessed like Ashanti and I, it might be best to opt for more looser styles from time to time to reduce the pull on your hair. 

Check out Vanity Fair for more Doctors Advice

Jil Sander Menswear

 Fall 2011 Menswear
Fall 2011

FENDI 2011

FENDI AW 2011 brought a lot of preppiness. According to www.style.com inspiration for this show was "buttoned-up-to-the-neck art teacher who was still wild enough to wipe her paintbrushes in her hair and unleash the animal within".  Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini sure did achieve this goal. A whole lot of fur, cloth coats in yellow and blue, woolen tights and my two absolute favourites, over size sunglasses and frill neckline. 
(Click on photos to enlarge) 

Fendi Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Oversize Sunnies

Colour Shy Ones Look Away

Bottoms are now taking the forefront. In all pop colours from pink to yellow to orange. Best combined with striped/polka dot tops or block-coloured nude blouses and shirts. 


Creme Blend Blush

Quite Cute

30 Mar 2011

If You Are No Longer In the Limelight...

...then you should consider having your own Reality Show. This time it's the Braxtons. I think the so-called Tamar should not be allowed to speak. She really is embarrassing the entire family. Talk about Family Values? 

Such A Feel Good Tune!

22 Mar 2011

Here we go again...

Another Performer launching a fragrance. This time it goes by the name Reb'l fleur and Little Miss Rihanna has put her name to it. The bottle could have been much more imaginative than this as the commercial was almost like a movie trailer (see below). Guess one cannot always get it right.

20 Mar 2011

Lagerfeld Teaches Greek Mythology

Subject: Greek Mythology
Textbook: Pirelli
Professor in Charge: Karl Lagerfeld
Julianne Moore and Lakshmi Menon are two of the few beauties featured in the Pirelli 2011 Calendar, photographed by the Infamous Karl Lagerfeld

L-R: Bianca Balti, Erin Wasson and Lakshmi Menon

Julianne Moore

Tumour monitoring device...

...to reduce the need for invasive procedures such as biopsies. 
This mint sized capsule contains magnetic nanoparticles, able to bind to specific compounds of interest. In the case of cancer, the compound of interest would be hormones that certain cancers produce. Since the membrane of the sensor is semi-permeable, these hormones can flow into the capsule but the nanoparticles remain inside. The more a cancer grows, the more of these hormones are produced. Therefore the rate of cancer growth can be detected by clusters of nanoparticles bound to hormones in the capsule, using MRI scan instead of performing biopsies.

Can be used to monitor tumours or heart attacks (Image: Christophoros Vassiliou and Michael Cima/MIT

(Image: Christophoros Vassiliou and Michael Cima/MIT)

19 Mar 2011


It’s that time of the year.  Fashion week here and there and everywhere. Yes lovely lovers of African Fashion. ARISE MAGAZINE Fashion Week.

Date: 10th till 13th of March 2011
Venue: Lagos City, the Centre of Excellence @ Federal Palace Hotel

And goodness did they have a serious line-up for this year’s event. Some strong regulars were present such as Deola Sagoe, Jewel by Lisa, NKWO and Bridget Awosika but newest additions like Zed Eye, Bestow Elan and ChiChia London were sure to wow the audience. I previously posted photos of some of these designers but I will add a few more of their work to feast your eyes on.

16 Mar 2011

New Find: Booties

I SAW THESE>>>by Reed Krakoff

AND I thought, nice style in general. Lace-up heels with the flap at the top. But the colour and heel height were not practical. So was the calf height as I wanted to show off leggings/trousers or my legs if I were to wear a dress. 


15 signs it's time to quit Facebook

Read more about it on and take the test on http://tech.uk.msn.com/features/photos.aspx?cp-documentid=153612340

15 Mar 2011

"Unknown" the Movie

I'm going to see "Unknown" today and shall give a short review about it too. I really love Diane Kruger, even though she did away with her German-ness as far as her name goes. I assume that it is how the industry is or maybe she just was never happy in her own skin. Sometimes I wonder whether she could have been more successful in Hollywood if she had kept Heidkr├╝ger as opposed to the change to Kruger. There are so many talented and successful actors out there with non-English names for instance Chiwetel Ejiofor, Djimon Hounsou Audrey Tautou and last but not least Alexander Skargard of True Blood. I'm a sucker for True Blood, excuse the pun. 
But as the saying goes, each to their own. She is extremely talented and multi-faceted in her own right and I am looking forward to seeing a fellow German in a Hollywood Blockbuster!
Here are some pictures from the Premiere in Los Angeles. January Jones hair and make-up is very striking. So is the dress but it would have looked sexier if the hemline was above the knee. 
What are your thoughts?
PS: Does anyone else wonder why K Kardashian was present? Message to young kids: being talentless does have its perks.

14 Mar 2011

Are You My Wonder Woman?

Everyone is talking about Wonder Woman these days. Chris Brown, Trey Songz and the list goes on. Now it's the Cosmetic Houses turn.

  • M.A.C Wonder Woman Campaign Spring 2011
M.A.C  are taking no prisoners what so ever when it comes to plugging their new limited edition range. The launch was a few weeks ago but I have never received this many newsletters from them regarding a particular edition. This week, they have come up with online exclusives-totes  and shirts depicting Wonder Woman in her element, in addition to the initial make-up bags that were part of the initial launch. What I noticed while at the M.A.C Carnaby Street Store is they push their current event products first before their standard products. I assume there must be some commission tactic going on there.

Not In It to Make Money BUT to Make A Change

This woman is not only talented but intelligent (so well spoken) and willing to share her blessings with the less privileged. She achieved her dream of being where she is today because someone believed in her enough to sign her. So for all those out there, dream big but realistic and you shall achieve! The sky sure ain't your limit. 

Gaddafi the Trend Setter

ILLAMASQUA Toxic Nature SS2011 Collection

I just love these photographs. Whimsical to say the least!

Back to the Roots

From Suno New York to Prada to Jewel by Lisa to L.A.M.B and A Boxing Kitten, African Prints are everywhere this season. I hope they are here to stay.

Models Backstage

Lady Gaga and M.A.C

Always one to do something for a good cause, Lady Gaga has returned for another VIVA GLAM collabo with M.A.C. She looks very muted in the Ad Campaign. A refreshing change for once. We all know it will not last long. A fact that can be seen in the photos for Supreme below. Most importantly, 100% of the proceeds goes to the M.A.C AIDS Fund.


"A denim-inspired collection of moody blues and indigo ink, the quantum of modern cool, with four limited-life Eyeshadows, and new limited-life shades of Lipstick, Lipglass, Blush and Nail Lacquer."

Jeanius Ad Campaign

Motorhead Eyeshadow

Jourdan Dunn

Styling Work

Zara SS11

Zara's Spring 2011 collection is looking very fresh indeed. A change can be seen from the nude colours, classic sheer or silk textures and looks that their 2010 collection was known for. There are still present and the lines still remain clean cut but with more vibrant colours thrown in. Gents are not exempt from this whole colour craze. 

Fragrance Review

Narciso Rodriguez’s fragrances are truly one of my favourites. I would recommend ESSENCE for daytime and Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDP during the evening. As you all already know the EDT doesn’t last as long as the EDP but is a good choice if you rather wear For Her during the day as it’s not as heavy.  

Designer Spotlight: Nkwo

Vogue US February 2011 by Raymond Meier

Alexander|Wang SS2011

Bambi A-J-E 2011

Melodie Monrose for VMAN Magazine

Illustrator of the Week: Denis Zilber

Ermenegildo Zegna SS11 backstage

Arlenis for German Vogue

I was positively surprised to see a woman of colour on German Vogue when I was in Berlin a while back. Sitting at my dentists waiting area-Arlenis on the cover sprung out at me. 
The rest of the spread was equally stunning. Go Germany!

on that note

To whoever has been affected by the recent disaster in Japan, my heart goes out to you. 

Hereafter-The Movie

Strangely enough friends and I were contemplating about this very issue. What does happen to us when we die? Making my anticipation to see this movie reach newer heights. I tell a lie. Though the title suggested a great deal about the movie theme, I didn't know what to expect. How many times have you gone to see a movie to find the title had nothing to do with the film? These days, going into cinemas with no clue is the way forward. You come out amazed because expectations were low to non-existent in the first place.

Advert for Hereafter the Movie

Hereafter, directed by the legendary Clint Eastwood goes much deeper than the question of what happens after death. Not that life after death isn't a deep enough topic, but Hereafter goes on to illustrate many other issues. For instance, how those left behind cope with the grief of loosing a loved one or how people who had near death experiences see the essence of life differently. Another interesting illustration was the presence of preying con artists, exploiting the emptiness felt by grieved ones and also their desperation to get in touch with lost friends or family.
Set in the midst of current disasters like the Tsunami and bombings in London, Hereafter was able to connect people from all walks of life. Because no matter where we were when these tragic incidents occurred, in some way or the other we were affected. Somewhat like the Butterfly or Domino effect. 

Photograph taken after the Tsunami in 2004

Photograph taken after the London bombing in 2005

To sum it up, Hereafter would get a thumbs up for the above reasons but especially because it seems like it was meant to help any one who lost someone be it through terminal illness, accidents, lifestyle or disasters to find closure.

I am thankful for those who shared their thoughts and feelings on these issues with me. I know it was not the easiest of things. 

Monday heels...

Chanel Cork Court

Office Mesh Boot

Christian Louboutin Lucifer Bow

Chanel Iman for Vogue Germany

It's all about the wedges...