12 Mar 2011

A poison in a small dose is medicine...

…And a medicine in a large dose is a POISON
Lucretia Borgia was known for her infinite beauty, charm and sexual power. In other words, a 16th century version of the ‘femme fatale’. Rumour has it she did away with her father’s (who later became Pope Alexander VI) and brother’s political rivals by poisoning them at lavish feasts organised by the Borgia family.
How did she go about this evil deed without being noticed? The secret lies in the hallow ring in which she hid the poison. While mingling with the merry crowd, she slipped poison into their drinks. Doesn’t say a lot about men and their ability to overlook a woman’s beauty, even during time of death, does it?
Whether you are planning on getting rid of any unwanted family members and business rivals (only joking) or you just want a feel of some of that 16th century flair, Solange Azagury-Partridge has designed a line of magnificent ringstitled simply ‘POISON’.

Poison Mirror Ring

Vera Wang wearing a poison ring by Solange Azagury-Partridge

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