4 Feb 2012

Behold the New Age Celebs

Everyone wants to be a celebrity. Even celebrities want to be celebrities. The last sentence would only make sense to those who know about the celebrity listing. A-listers are the likes of Beyonce and Daniel Craig while Z-listers are the likes of the man who coined the term REEM. I mean really, what has the English entertainment industry turned into.
The singers are mediocre and so are their so called television shows. But that is besides the point. Let’s go back to everyone wanting to be rich and famous. A disease that seems to be extremely contagious. One thing carriers have in common is “chavism”, if such a word exists. We shall come back to that later.

Early symptoms of the I-Want-To-Be-Famous disease include joining the Big Brother house, having sex on camera, having affairs with your husbands brother, and leading unintelligent conversations, thinking it is funny. To sum it all up, sex sells and so does openly talking about it. Now when this contagious disease fully sets in, that’s when the common denominator, “chavinism” comes to play. All the great things their simple minds wanted, will finally come true. If for one second you thought that involved learning a new language, walking the great wall of China or taking up missionary work, then you were very far off. Remember the kind of people we are speaking about.

To them, great things mean a Rolex watch, Louboutin heels, Chanel bag and all other frivolous things along this line. O how Coco Chanel must be turning in her grave when she sees what sorts wear her brand. At the end of the day money talks and so called luxury brands have not lost their appeal. Quite the opposite, cast of TOWIE and Desperate Scousewives set the standards to determining whether you have made it. And it is very simple, if you are kitted out in luxury, then you sure have made it. No second thought is given to the fact that they all look like clones of each other-velvet red bottoms, flap bag, peruvian extensions, LV monogram and the list goes on.

Good luck to all those viewers out there who follow these standards of wearing £500 shoes but then take the bus home after a party or sleep on your friends couch for the next few months.

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