18 Mar 2012

Is Vogue Italia Racist?

Hot or Haute Mess?

Here we go again. Vogue Italia's attempt to promote diversity has yet again come back to haunt them. Last time it was a post on their blog about "Slave Earrings" when they referred to hoop earrings. An apology and change of article to "ethnic earrings" soon followed after a huge furore. Now, Vogue Italia is under fire for an editorial in its current issue titled "Haute Mess" and shot by the usual suspect Steven Meisel.
Reviews have been mixed to say the least. From the title "Haute Mess" being said to have a negative cling to the idea and styling which does not seem to salvage the situation either. Models are photographed wearing colourful lace wigs, long and very bright artificial nails and out there make up. These all seem to be projecting certain stereotypes. Moreover, the fashion side to it kind of takes a back seat. So what is Vogue Italia trying to sell? It is doubtful whether their main readers would rush out to their nearest store to grab themselves some skittles inspired wig right?
On the other hand, are they just celebrating art and the way people express themselves? Maybe there was nothing stereotypical or condescending intended with the shoot and people are reading too much into it. Could that be why diversity in fashion is almost non existent? Because nothing they do is right as each and every move is heavily criticised and it seems as if they are walking on eggshells. Fashion giants may need to invest in professionals who know their stuff and thoroughly screen articles and campaigns before their release to avoid such backlash in the future.

What are your thoughts? 

Racist? Vogue Italia has come under fire for featuring the controversial article focusing on what it calls the trend for 'slave earrings'
Insensitive Blog Article on Vogue Italia

L-R: Copy, Original by Akeem Smith 

Vogue Italia
Tear tattoos similar to those done by Lil Wayne and a few other rap artists. Are they for real?

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