18 Jan 2012

Leave Lana Alone

What's all the fuss about Lana Del Rey's performance on Saturday Night Live and it being horrendous? She smashed it. Just because it did not sound exactly like the studio recording does not mean it was short of a good rendition of both her songs "Blue Jeans" and "Video Games". Viewers can never be satisfied. They get upset when artists lip sync and also when they change a song up a bit. Fair enough you love listening to a song over and over again but artists have to sing these songs a million times more. So please give them a chance to make their job more exciting by switching things up a little.

For those with a sound knowledge of music and who listen to performers other than Rihanna and Justin Bieber (no offence), Lana Del Rey's performance would not come as much of a shock. She was never off key as critics claimed rather she displayed her vocal abilities to the fullest. So shut up and listen!

On that note, we look forward to many more performances and most importantly her album release on 31st January.


  1. I bet Harry Potter was glad that the backlash against her performance totally took the attention away from how he missed his intro cue!!

  2. Probably the reason why he backed her all the interviews about LDR's performance. If anything viewers should have complained about Dear Potter. What do you think of the album?