18 Apr 2012

Sweden's Culture Minister in Race Row

Sweden's Minister for Culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth had a cake at her birthday in the shape of a woman of colour.
The artist who designed the cake placed his head at the top of it and each time the cake was cut at the supposed genital area, the artist screamed in pain. The aim it seems was to highlight  the issues of female genital mutilation. Complaints have flooded in from all corners about the racist nature of this, some even going to the extreme if demanding she resign. Is this being taking too far? We ask the public, should they have used a white person to portray this idea. Considering that this horrid practice takes place in certain parts of Africa, that question was rhetorical. These days, people find absurd ways to call attention to problems in our society, no matter what continent. Would it have been acceptable if Lena was of African origin? Why would she have this footage recorded, knowing fully well that it was meant to degrade people of African origin. Being a Minister for Culture, you cannot be that ignorant can you? Maybe there is more to come from this cake story. Until then, people, stop complaining and actually take a stand to make a change in your society. 


  1. I think she thought she was raising awareness. But she did it in the wrong setting - very uncomfortable how some people were smiling and cutting

    Muse Origins

    1. Uncomfortable-that's the perfect description. Which is probably how people feel when talking about genital mutilation. Thanks for commenting!