7 Mar 2012

Kim Kardashian's Huge Blunder

Kim's faux pas

Kim Kardashian, Kim K or whatever the female Puff Daddy calls herself these days should go and do something worthwhile with her time and maybe take some French lessons. But if she wants to keep it simple, use languages she is well versed in.

J'adore means I love, so "I j'adore..." as Kim tweeted earlier on today is one letter 'I' too many. Or maybe it was intentional? Double "I" to emphasise the obsession she has with herself?
Anyway the said shoes were designed by Giuseppe Zanotti for Kanye West's Spring 2012 debut collection. These are a pair that are best seen on the runway and left there too. Or perhaps a museum as they are a sight to see. One thing is for certain, if a mortal is to wear them, the criteria are as follows:
  • You need super skinny and long legs
  • You must be comfortable in micro minis

Jourdan Dunn @ Kanye's SS12 Show

Anything else and you run the risk of looking like a bufallo or like the lady below

She got it all wrong 

Models seemed to have complained about the shoes in Kanye's Autumn/Winter Paris Fashion Week show. If they cannot walk in them, then how is the average woman meant to cope? O yes, they were not made with the average woman in mind. So there we have it!

 PFW: Shoes Already Causing Drama For Kanye Show Tomorrow
The trials and tribulations of a model

One of the many culprits

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