11 Jul 2011

Scandalous Women...

Once upon a time, not too long ago, in the galaxy of stars, there was a woman named Marilyn Monroe. Loved by many, hated by some. Young girls wanted to be her, American soldiers had posters of her on their walls. Irresistible they called her. A true woman. Rumours were spread about her liaisons with Presidents but never confirmed. A woman of little or no morals some said, because she had, in their eyes, too much sex appeal and was surrounded by scandals. O how these same people must be completely aghast at the sight of what is termed today, a female celebrity. Women whose "talents" or claim to fame are questionable. If you consider playing the lead role in sex tape a talent. Copies of these exceptional works of art are apparently leaked by friends or even family.

The backlash of these events are terminated contracts and the loss of deals and company confidence. Take for instance Amber Rose, who according to her tweets, cannot feed her family because her livelihood was jeopardised by raunchy photographs of herself exposed on the internet. The story line? Someone she entrusted with her computer stole the photos. As this has happened to a few others before her, Cassie comes to mind here, you would think a word is enough for the wise. And therein lies the question. Do these women lack wisdom? Or is all this palaver is a means to an end?

Amber Rose on the cover of the latest issue of KING 

Kim K for W Magazine 

To be frank, the loss of business is like a play pretend slap on the wrist. An act to make the public feel that every action has its consequences and the industry is keeping everything in check. No one is above the law kind of treatment. But let us be honest, when all the dust has settled, and it does settle rather quickly, deals and gigs come rolling in, even more than pre-sex tape days. As is the case most times, the female cast in question always seems to gain tremendously out of these scenarios, milking every bit of press and coverage they get, so that at the end of it all, they are smiling to the bank. Think Kim Kardashian and it is all summed up into one. For it is the same public that now scream at the sight of naked Cassie or Amber that previously bought magazines depicting them on the cover or raved about how sexy these women looked in their next to nothing outfit. It was only a matter of time before they bared all.
Cassie in GQ's 2008 March Issue 

But where has their dignity been left you might ask? That is not a question we should be asking because these women are a product of our own making. An obsession with celebrity and their lifestyle means that simplistic morals and values are of no importance. Considering how these individuals started out and what their claim to fame is, i.e.a girlfriend to a superstar, it should be of no surprise to viewers young and old that intimate footage is only a mouse click away. Because even these so-called celebrities know, that they have but little else to offer. As the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome. Doesn't matter how you get there, just as long as you reach your destination. Moreover, one fact remains, you can't knock the hustle. Once viewers get that straight, I think all is well in the galaxies and planets. Whether we shall live happily ever after though, is not for certain.

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