4 Jul 2011

A New Friend...

I have used one and the same tweezers for the most part of my life. I hang on to it with dear life. These tweezers go with me on all trips, in a little pouch reserved just for it. How after more than 10 years of devotion it went missing, I have no clue.
A series of hectic searches and turning the house upside down followed. Unfortunately, without results so I had to give in to the fact that my close companion had gone AWOL. After much mourning And so the search began for a good pair of tweezers. Like any new relationship, comparisons to my former tweezers did not allow me to be impressed by these newbies. Until TWEEZERMAN came my way. One might think that its more about the name than the actual product but I take that back. These must be the best tweezers on the market currently. Even the shortest of eyebrow hairs on are caught. I still could not get a hang of the pointy ended design as I felt they did not have much hold on finer hair although they are supposed to be ideal for this. The flat tipped TWEEZERMAN is the winner for me and you can find them in different special edition finishes here.
In the Garden Mini Slant Tweezer
Special Edition Animal Print Slant Tweezer
Point Tweezer

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