7 Sep 2011

Tried and Tested

In June, Liebesgeist had a post about Shellac, the revolutionary nail product that "goes on like polish, wears like gel". Yes that's ONE of their slogans. Their selling point, however, is that a Shellac manicure is meant to last 14 days "no chip, nicks or smudges". 2 entire weeks? This must be an absolute con, or so Liebesgeist thought. So 28 August 2011 was the day I set off test this myth out.
My lovely manicurist was also the owner of the nail bar. On seeing her two daughters, the oldest who was 12, I almost fell off the chair. She didn't look a day older than 30. Ok, I digress.
She went about the usual manicure cuticle treatment, nail filing etc followed by Shellac application. And before I could say Jack Robinson, it had ended. The polish was dry. Sahara desert dry. Myth number one: "zero dry-time"? Tick. I even walked to the nearest cash point and withdrew money without even a smudge. Loads of zips, pockets and sharp edges were involved readers. For details of the entire procedure see here.
I have washed my hair, the odd dish or two without gloves (naughty naughty), AND bumped nails against hard surfaces. Now 10 days down the line, I have not seen a single chip nor scratch. There's no need to wait the extra 4 days as I have been sold already. Here are a few pictures to prove my point. Day 14 and any other later days (if it lasts even longer) will be posted too. Forgive the lighting as I took the pictures with my camera phone but you get the general gist. SHELLAC WORKS! 

For those not-a-fan-of acrylic-nails ladies on the go, in want of beautiful nails, that remain beautiful for longer than a day, visit Mina's Nails in North London. It will set you back £30 but it is worth every penny. Click here for details on the nail bar and for the nearest salon or mobile nail technician here


  1. am liking this Shellac very much...looks like the French have done it again havent they? From the French manicure to this. bravo!!! tres bien encore! je l'aime beaucoup!
    is it in stores to buy if we cant make it to north london to Mina's? I hope its not exclusive to salons only lol
    just tell me one thing liebegeist, is the picture on day 10 looking slightly faded and not so glossy compared to day 1 because of the camera quality, lighting and distance from the camera? I hope so :-)
    kudos to you liebegeist for keeping us posted and sharing this...keep doing what you do!!!

  2. Thank you J S for the vote of confidence. I truly appreciate it! You can purchase everything via the CND website. However it is advised to have it done by a professional as the process is not as straightforward as it seems. But with practice, you could do just fine. I included a link in the post for nearest stockists and mobile technicians/salons. The finish remained as glossy as the first day, only thing is that the colour faded slightly. I would advise to go for a stronger shade if you want the effect to last throughout. Hope this has answered you questions and keep reading. LIEBESGEIST