21 Sep 2011

Newest Beauty Trend...

...in Europe at least, is the Blemish Balm Cream or for those in the know, BB Cream. Holding a priority position in the make up bags of Korean women for quite a while now, BB Creams are all rounders promising to work as a:
  • primer 
  • lightweight foundation 
  • concealer 
  • rich moisturiser 
  • sunblock
  • anti-acne and anti-aging cream 
Garnier B.B. Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Light

 Could this be a classic case of "Jack of all trades master of none"? One main set back is that the BB Cream comes in a limited number of shades. Darker skin tones especially will have difficulty finding their match. Another red alert is that some claim to not only brighten skin but whiten as well. The obsession with lighter skin in Asia is nothing new so it explains why this product is such a big seller.Initially developed to provide coverage of scars from post laser surgery and sooth sensitive skin, its all round capabilities have taken it from a dermatologists best kept secret to beauty shelves biggest seller.

Try some out and see what works best for you...

DrJart+ Beauty Balms are sold at Sephora
Garnier Blemish Balm Cream here
MAC Prep+Primer BB Cream here
Skin79 has an array of BB products here
Dr Schrammek, founder of the Blemish Balm Cream has BB Creams in three shades here

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