21 May 2011

The Irony of it All

... Model of the week is none other but Crystal Renn. 

Vogue Paris Editorial Shot by Terry Richardson

When she began her a career in modelling during her early teens, she was asked to drop a few dress sizes by her agency. On suffering a breakdown, or as she puts it, her body not taking to all the exercise and dieting, she gained some weight to a US size 14.
With all the size 0 models flitzing down catwalks, some even looking rather anorexic, Crystal was a dress size too many to say the least. Ford Models had confidence in her, signing her unto their agency. And boy did she work her curves with grace. From editorials shot by Steven Meisel to the cover of Harpers Bazaar Renn was a face seen often enough. Crystal was booked for a few shows and editorials but most times she was the face of high street brands like Mango and Evans. And what a face she was because she made clothes look like they were not made with a plus size person in mind.

Autobiography by Crystal Renn

Renn later went on to write a book titled "Hungry" where she opened up her heart about the trials and tribulations regarding weight amongst other things.But it took another drastic weight change for her to reach a goal that many models strive to achieve-being on the cover of Vogue magazine. Come end of 2010, Crystal lost weight again, looking like a completely new person and was featured on this months issue of Mexican Vogue. Typical Crystal, she was very open about the reasons for this weight change, stating that relationship problems led her to travelling, yoga and lots of hiking. Sounds like a reasonable enough combination we would say. 
Crystal Renn on the Cover of Mexican Vogue
The new Renn for Vogue Germany
We love the old and new Crystal Renn, but we do hope in all these changes, she is not causing herself any harm and that she has a good support system behind her through all this. Most importantly, you need to love you. Because then, other people find it easier to love you too. 

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