17 May 2011

Dainty Jewellery...

Hamsa is a symbol shared across many religions and traditions originating over thousands of years ago. Most common in the Middle East and North Africa, meanings for the symbol vary but one widely shared version is that of protection and success. The Arabic meaning of the word is whisper. A whispered prayer or incantation maybe for protection? Another meaning of the word Hamsa is "five" and depending on tradition could represent five limbs-hands, legs and head which are to be used to achieve enlightenment or the downwards facing open hand, deflecting any evil forces into the earth. A blue eye, also known as the evil eye is sometimes incorporated into the Hamsa. For double protection! Used as protective ornaments in homes or worn as jewellery. If you want to get yourself the Hamsa, either to combine with other accessories (as they are mostly very dainty) or because of its symbolic meaning, then here are some beautiful selections in gold, leather or beads. You can shop the selection here.

Gold Cut Out Hamsa with Stone detail
Leather Stacked Hamsa Bracelet
Beaded stackable Bracelet with Hamsa and Evil Eye Charm

White String stretch Bracelet

String Adjustable Bracelet
Gold Hamsa Necklace with Stone detail

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