11 Apr 2011

As women we need our secrets...

A wise woman once told me that there should always be a sense of suspense/secrecy/unknown about a woman. And this she said, spanned over many aspects like knowledge, beauty, grooming, whereabouts, career, finances and much more. I doubt she meant women should hide things from their other half. Well maybe she did. Because, in some instances, it serves for a happier relationship but also some form of awe. 
Many ladies would agree that the look on a man’s face on seeing you all "dolled up" (as they like to call it) or when you've cooked something extremely tasty for the first time, is absolutely priceless. This look of absolute fascination also appears when his partner says something he wasn't expecting-be it about politics, economics, art or yes-football (there I said it). Or when he observes your career achievements for example and how you have managed that without revealing too much to him. "How did she do all that?" he asks. 
So why then, do some women feel so open and willing to share? For those poor citizens forced to use public transport from time to time, you must have noticed this particular phenomenon-women putting on their make-up. Why in heavens name would anyone do that? Share such moments with anyone else but your mirror image? These infamous ladies actually start their make-up process from the core-applying face crème or primer. I tell not a lie. This is where the entertaining part comes in for me: What kind of woman is she? 

A key to a woman's soul is her make-up purse. My little theory by the way, but that's beside the point. 
Is she a shopaholic or chronic hoarder? Five different mascaras, three eyeliners by different brands but in the same colour. 
Does she suffer from OCD? All brushes are organised according to the part of the face they are used for. Colour coded eye shadow and lipstick. 
A messy Jessy (I just made up the term)? Powder strewn all over the purse along with sharpened eyeliner remains. 
See the point I'm trying to make? Putting on your make-up on a train or bus full of utter strangers is way too revealing. You might be doing yourself some serious damage. If men and women believed in my purse equals personality theory, you might be missing out on a chance of meeting your ideal soul mate. Most importantly however, I don't actually want to share such intimacies with you! A complete wind up! Not even my partner is allowed to be nearby when I don my war paint! So I sure as hell don't want to see a stranger don theirs.
But back to my initial point. Women should try to have some mystery about them, which should span throughout. This keeps the gents on their tippy toes. Which is where you want them. I rest my case.

Ps: I had a geezer (and yes the choice of word is very fitting) clip his fingers nails on the train. Glad it didn't fall into my eye! Lottery win please o pretty please find me quickly so I can be in a chauffeured car all day every day. Then again I need to play it to win it. And therein lies my dilemma. 

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