30 Apr 2011

Live Life to the Max(i)

Prints on silk and block colours on wool. There is something for every shape and style when it comes to the maxi dress. For those days when you are feeling bloated, for lack of a euphemism, or feeling absolutely lazy and cannot think of a pair of bottoms to go with your favourite top, the maxi dress is a blessing in disguise. Now designers have been carried away with their takes on the maxi, as seen in "The Exhibitionist", but here are a few selections that would float everyone's boat. 

Ladies smaller on top can get away with boat necklines and if you have the figure for it, cut away styles are perfect for an evening out. Frills on the neckline or on strapless dresses also give the impression of a fuller bosom. Jersey maxis are the best for a casual feel and they fall beautifully due to the weight of the material, the longer the dress is. 
Deep round and V-necks do well for top heavy ladies. But make sure to invest in a good strapless bra. WORD OF ADVICE: stay away from bras with "transparent straps". All they do is dig into your shoulders or get sticky after a while. They have never been, and will never be transparent. 
If you are trying to hide some inches, then patterns and prints are your best friends. But you need not fear, it doesn't have to be full blown patterns with small flowers that remind you of your childhood days. Instead go for bold patterns with large flowers as seen at Jil Sander. These also double up as clever evening options as the patterns come off sophisticated rather than girly.  Clingy fabrics like jersey are a BIG NO NO! Rather flowing silk and crepe designs are a better choice. Boob tube dresses make assets look even bigger so watch out. 
And last but not least: The Statement Dress. As seen at Lanvin and Marc Jacobs in Red Riding Hood. Need I say more. 

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