21 May 2013

Stella McCartney 2013 Resort Collection

A collection unveiling that is different from the norm is always a breath of fresh air. With the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs giving us more than just models walking down the runway at the Chanel and Louis Vuitton shows, could the times of mundane fashion shows as we know it may soon be over?

Stella McCartney was sure not to sleep on this new trend and took it a step further. Her Cruise 2013 Collection was shown at a circus themed tea party in New York and had models mingling with Solange and Anne Hathaway. The collection features Stella's infamous over sized blazers and spacey boxy cut tops, animal print bomber jackets, floral dresses and a whole lot of yellow.

Cool and the gang

Head to toe prints

They've got the blues

Classic off white dress

Accessories on display

We love the mix of print shoes and a floral dress

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  1. well at least with some of these trousers there is no need to wear stockings