21 May 2013

Miguel's fall at the Billboard Awards

Miguel must be one of the few artists to have fallen off stage so many times. Not even models in sky high heels have managed to beat his record. But then again he's always giving his all, maybe a bit too much during his performances. I witnessed one such fall at his gig at HMV London earlier this year. But the craziest so far has to be at the recent Billboard Awards where he attempted jumping from one stage to the other. That would have been a success if:
1 he was a gold medal holder in long jump
2 he was wearing less "The Artist formerly known as Prince" shoes
3 he wasn't performing Adorn (he seems to get really hyper performing this song)

The two poor ladies who were unfortunate enough to be standing in front row, served as cushions for Miguel's WWE dropkick. Miguel may want to consider a career in wrestling because from the meme's floating around, he would have a lot of our votes. One thing is for sure, he is an absolute professional as he kept singing on like it was all planned.

HMV London Miguel Fall whilst performing Adorn

Billboard Awards Miguel falls whilst performing Adorn

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