20 Feb 2014

FENDI AW14 Livestream from Milan

Surely the most fashionable drone ever made

We bring good tidings to all ye fashion lovers not in possession of a coveted invitation to the FENDI AW14 show in Milan. Rather than wait till the shows are available to watch hours, sometimes just minutes, after the actual show, viewers can livestream the show wherever they are. Yes we fashionistas are a rather impatient bunch.

Thanks to the newest technology, in the fashion world but not the US Military, Parrot drones will capture every moment of the show with High-defintion cameras. These will be aerial shots but FENDI has also included a classic view a la "Anna Wintours view" so viewers are able to switch between the two. 

This comes as one of the latest partnerships between Google and the fashion industry. Last year it was a collaboration between Google Glass and DvF which allowed models and even Diane von Furstenburg herself to take pictures and make short films during her Spring/Summer 2013 show. Now Google and Fendi, with the help of Parrot powered drones are set to make history again. 

So tune in to Fendi.com at 12:30 (GMT+1) today Thursday 20 February to watch the show live. 

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