18 Jan 2013

The filling station that serves shrimp

For those who do not like the pop-up craze trickling into everything from fashion to food, this one may not be for you. But, we I will try to convince you. The location alone is worth the visit. Formerly an old gas station, sitting nicely by the canal behind King's Cross, it has now been transformed to a restaurant going by the name Shrimpy's. 
Brains behind this temporary space are Pablo Flack and David Waddington, both of whom are seasoned in the pop up world. My entrĂ©e was octopus with capers, olive oil and paprika. I'm a sucker for anything capers and so was quite biased. However, it was scrumptious and a delight to my taste sense. 

The main, pork pozole, was just as enjoyable and rather filling. Once the waitress described the effort around it's preparation and presentation I was sold. I shall reveal no more. The humita, mashed sweet corn, goes with everything and is a nice alternative to fries for those who like a good carbohydrate intake. 

All in all, worth another visit. But hurry it's only here for a short while. That's why it is called a pop-up restaurant. Sunday brunch maybe?

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