17 Nov 2011

Rihanna Loud n Dirty

This post was long overdue. We received tickets to see Rihanna live in concert a few days ago. Generally a good show, considering she's not the best of dancers or singers. Fashion wise as usual she didn't fail to disappoint. Sequins, knee high boots and great splashes of colour. Her wardrobe must have been like a candy store. 
However, one thing they left out was to inform the audience about the x-rated part of the show. Bondage, lesbian action, a whole lot of swearing, crotch-grabbing moves and much more seemed to be part and parcel of the show. Not that we are prude old grannies, but there were young impressionable kids present. 
Who is to blame? The artists or their guardians? And is it right to label them as role models?

it all started off ok 


went down hill...

slight redemption...

didn't last a minute...

make love not war?

no comment 

some good old product placement...go Ray Ban

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